Cambridge English Webinars: Understanding reading comprehension assessment ~ What every teacher should know

Cambridge English Webinars for Teachers: “Understanding reading comprehension assessment – What every teacher should know”.


Join us for the fourth in our series of six webinars on Monday 23 January 14.00 – 15.00 (UK time*) and Wednesday 25 January 10.00 – 11.00 (UK time*).

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We will start this webinar by exploring what reading comprehension consists of and what we do in real life when we read. This will be the basis for addressing key questions such as: Which aspects of reading comprehension should we test? What kind of texts and tasks should be used? How should responses be scored? We will also consider the role that language proficiency of the intended test takers plays in answering these questions.

If you attend our series of Understanding Assessment webinars you can collect a Digital Open Badge.


Ivana Vidakovic is a Senior Research Manager at Cambridge English. After obtaining a doctorate in applied linguistics at the University of Cambridge, Ivana has specialised in assessment of reading comprehension and English for Specific Purposes. She has run courses on assessment, presented at international conferences and published in the areas of language assessment and second language acquisition. Before joining Cambridge English, she worked as an EFL teacher overseas where she taught adult learners.

Dennis Carr is a Senior Assessment Manager at Cambridge English. He currently works on the Cambridge English: Advanced Reading and Use of English paper and worked on the IELTS Academic Reading paper for a number of years. He was also involved in the revision of the Cambridge English: Proficiency Reading and Use of English paper for 2013. Before joining Cambridge English, Dennis worked as an academic manager and teacher of English to speakers of other languages both abroad and in the UK, after which he started writing and producing training materials for the technical analysis of financial markets.

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