Sách hay hàng tuần: Giới thiệu các sách hay về ngôn ngữ Anh

Sách hay hàng tuần: Giới thiệu các sách hay về ngôn ngữ Anh

Chuyên mục “Sách hay hàng tuần” giới thiệu với độc giả một số quyển sách tiếng Anh  viết về ngữ pháp, giáo trình học tiếng  hay dành cho những ai đam mê về ngoại ngữ tiếng Anh, phục vụ rất hiệu quả cho công tác học tập nghiên cứu...

Bộ phận Học liệu thuộc TTCNTT-TT&HL giới thiệu tới bạn đọc 5 cuốn sách tiếng Anh hữu ích về ngữ pháp, hi vọng sẽ giúp các bạn đạt được hiệu quả trong học tập và công việc.

1. Exploring grammar in context : upper-intermediate and advanced /


Tác giả: Carter, Ronald; Hughes, Rebecca; McCarthy, Michael.

ISBN: 9780521568449

NXB: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2000

DDC: 448

ĐKCB: E.10404

Nội dung: Corpus-based reference/practice grammar emphasising speech and grammar choices in context. Exploring Grammar in Context draws on real spoken and written English from the most up-to-date research in the Cambridge International Corpus. Clearly structured units focus on main grammar areas with key points summarised in ‘Observations’ and ‘Summary’ panels. It also offers practical support and useful reference material. Key Features: * Real spoken and written English examples of grammar as it is used today. * A wide range of exercises enable students to check their understanding and progress. * The answer key offers detailed explanations, a glossary of grammar terms and supporting grammar reference notes

2. World Englishes : a resource book for students /

Tác giả: Jenkins, Jennifer; .



ISBN: 0415258065

NXB: New York : Routledge, 2003

ĐKCB: E.09784

Nội dung:  World Englishes is a core introductory textbook covering the area of World Englishes (sometimes known as new or international englishes): the study of the varieties of English which have developed around the world, in the wake of British colonialism. With a strong emphasis on real language texts and activities and including a mini-reader of key articles/extracts, this is an interactive textbook which provides a firm grounding in the subject and gives students the resources for further study.


3.New language leader : Upper intermediate : Coursebook /

Tác giả: Cotton, David; Falvey, David; Kent, Simon.


ISBN: 9781447961550

NXB: Essex : Pearson Education Limited, 2014

ĐKCB: E.14396

Nội dung:New Language Leadertakes an intelligent approach to building the confidence and skills students need to succeed in academic study and use English in a globalised world.

New Language Leader takes an intelligent approach to building the confidence and skills students need to succeed in academic study and use English in a globalised world. *Meet the Expert authentic video interviews with leading professionals and academics bring topics to life and stretch students’ ability to understand real English. *Study Skills videos develop communication and collaboration skills, setting students up for future success. *Contemporary topics and issues stimulate students’ minds and develop critical thinking skills.

4. The art of public speaking /

Tác giả: Lucas, Stephen.


ISBN: 9780073406732

NXB: Boston : McGraw-Hill, 2012


Nội dung:  The Art of Public Speaking 11e continues to define the art of being the best by helping today’s students become capable, responsible speakers and thinkers. With a strong focus on the practical skills of public speaking and grounded in classical and contemporary theories of rhetoric, The Art of Public Speaking offers full coverage of all major aspects of speech preparation and presentation. Utilizing the full suite of resources, students learn to internalize the principles of public speaking, build confidence through speech practice, and prepare for success in the classroom and beyond. With the new Enhanced Speech Capture in Connect Lucas, instructors now have the ability to evaluate live speeches using a customizable rubric in the classroom. Instructors may also upload speech videos on students’ behalf to create and manage true peer review assignments. With its ground-breaking adaptive learning system, Connect Lucas™ also helps students “know what they know,” while guiding them to experience and learn important concepts that they need to know to succeed.

With McGraw-Hill Create™, instructors can now customize their Lucas 11e textbook to the section level, selecting and arranging only the sections covered in the course. The new Create system will automatically repaginate and re-number chapters, sections, graphs, and illustrations, based on how the instructor chooses to arrange them. This deep level of customization guarantees that students pay only for the content covered in the course.

5.Practical English language teaching : Reading /

Tác giả: Anderson, Neil J; Nunan, David.

 download (1).jpg


NXB: New York : McGraw Hill ESL/ELT, 2008

ĐKCB: E.08749

DDC: 448.2

Tác giả: M. Bescherelle

Nội dung: Each title in the Practical English Language Teaching series offers vital background information and a wealth of helpful teaching strategies and techniques including numerous practical illustrations from a wide range of coursebooks and extracts from authentic classroom interactions.

Key features of all books

– A clear orientation to the teaching of the main topic including an historical overview and an introduction to major approaches and analyses that have informed pedagogy.

– Reflection questions inviting readers to think about critical issues.

– Action activities requiring readers to apply the ideas, principles and techniques to their own situation.

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