Sách hay hàng tuần: Giới thiệu bộ sách chuyên ngành tiếng Anh về phương pháp giảng dạy

Chuyên mục Sách hay hàng tuần lần này giới thiệu tới bạn đọc một số cuốn sách tiếng anh chuyên ngành. Đây là nguồn tài liệu tham khảo phong phú và đa dạng phục vụ có hiệu quả cho việc nghiên cứu và ứng dụng ngoại ngữ.

Năm quyển sách với tựa đề “Teaching English through English : a course in classroom language and techniques”, “Teaching languages to young learners”, “Teaching literature in a second language”, “Teaching reading skills in a foreign language”, “Teaching in changing times : The courage to lead” đều là những quyển sách giá trị, được viết và biên tập cẩn thận về nội dung bởi những chuyên gia trong ngành giáo dục. Những tập sách này giúp bạn đọc nâng cao trình độ ngôn ngữ Anh của mình và ứng dụng trong giảng dạy, học tập hay đơn thuần chỉ là muốn nâng cao “sở thích” ngôn ngữ của mình.

1.Teaching English through English : a course in classroom language and techniques 


Tác giả: Willis, Jane.

Xuất bản: Xuất bản: [London] : Longman, 1982

DDC : 425

Số ISBN: 0582020085

SỐ ĐKCB :A-D41/02323

Nội dung:

The language of the classroom social personal and organisatonal uses – Teaching techniques and the language of instruction: the first lesson in English; Dialogues for presentation and purpose; Oral practice; Teaching vocabulary; Oral production;

2.Teaching languages to young learners /


Tác giả: Cameron, Lynne.

Xuất bản: Cambridge ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2001

Số ISBN: 9780521774345

SỐ ĐKCB : E.08892

Nội dung:

Children learning a foreign language — Taking a learning-centred perspective — Piaget — Vygotsky — Bruner — From learning to language learning — Advantages to starting young with foreign languages — The foreign language: describing the indivisible — Summary of key learning principles — Learning language through tasks and activities — The task as an environment for learning — Task demands — Task support — Balancing demands and support — The importance of language learning goals — Defining ‘task’ for young learner classrooms — Stages in a classroom task — Hani’s Weekend: Possible preparation and follow-up activities — Task-as-plan and task-in-action — Learning the spoken language — Learning the spoken language: guiding principles — Discourse and discourse events — Meaning first — Analysis of a task-in-action — Discourse skills development in childhood — Effective support for children’s foreign language discourse skills — Short activities for learning the spoken language — Supporting the spoken language with written language — Using dialogues — Learning words — Vocabulary development in children’s language learning — Organisation of words in a language — Learning and teaching vocabulary — Children’s vocabulary learning strategies — Learning grammar — A place for grammar? — Different meanings of ‘grammar’ — Development of the internal grammar — A learning-centred approach to teaching grammar: background — Principles for learning-centred grammar teaching.

Thông tin tóm tắt: This book develops readers’ understanding of what happens in classrooms where children are being taught a foreign language. It will offer readers a framework to structure thinking about children’s language training. The book gives practical advice on how to analyze and evaluate classroom activities, language use and language development.

3.Teaching literature in a second language /


Tác giả: Parkinson, Brian, PGCE; Thomas, Helen Reid.

Xuất bản: Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2000

Số ISBN: 9780748612598.

SỐ ĐKCB : E.08893

Nội dung

: “In Teaching Literature in a Second Language, Brian Parkinson and Helen Reid Thomas focus on the relationship of language and literature in the context of the classroom. They examine both the language of literature as it occurs in a variety of texts from different genres and the language of the classroom as teachers and learners respond in speech and writing to those texts. While giving specific examples from the main literary genres of poetry, short stories, novels and drama, the authors are also concerned with the wider issues that affect all teachers such as assessment, evaluation, planning and working with a syllabus, and teacher development. Exercises and suggestions for further work are included for each section.” “The book is addressed primarily to students of applied linguistics and practising teachers, and is relevant both to teachers of EFL or ESL and to those who come from a background of literature teaching.”–BOOK JACKET.

4.Teaching reading skills in a foreign language /


Tác giả: Nuttall, Christine E. (Christine Elizabeth).

Xuất bản: Oxford : Macmillan Education, 2005

Số ISBN: 9781405080057

DDC : 425

SỐ ĐKCB : E.08912

Nội dung: Teaching Reading Skills describes how the texts we read are organized to communicate meanings. It examines what is involved in effective reading and suggests ways of helping students to develop into effective readers in a foreign language. It is especially useful for exam and EAP classes and also includes an invaluable chapter on testing reading skills written by Charles Alderson.

5.Teaching in changing times : The courage to lead /


Tác giả: Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (2002); Wallinger, Linda M;Reutershan, Donald H.

DDC: 418/.0071

Xuất bản: Boston [Mass.] : McGraw-Hill, 2002

Số ISBN: 9780072826302.

SỐ ĐKCB :E.08891

Nội dung:

Donald H. Reutershan, Jr. — Introduction / Linda M. Wallinger — Passion : a key ingredient in leadership / Meghan K. Lynch — Teachers as leaders, leaders as teachers / Janice G. Darias — Not just an elective : the benefits of foreign language study to the school community / Robert N. Farrace and Melissa A. Farrace — Foreign language learning for a learner-centered school : the administrative challenge / Thomas E. Welch — Leading the vision : working collaboratively to reform curriculum, instruction, and assessment /Martin J. Smith — Building knowledge, building leaders : collaborating for research and change / Richard Donato –Developing teacher leaders : an investment in the future / Arlene F. White — Leadership in language and culture education : the community, our powerful ally / Christine L. Brown — Gained in translation : leadership, voice, and the study of foreign languages / William G. Durden –Perspectives on leadership and foreign language education : a dialogue / Charles J. Schwahn and Rebecca R. Kline.

Thông tin tóm tắt: Secondary and college teachers of foreign language and education in the US are the contributors to this group of essays, first presented at the 2002 Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Strongly inspired by the events of 9/11, the essays discuss qualities of courage and leadership, and apply them to the teaching of foreign languages.


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